1 February 2023

New partner of the Association: Plani-Prêt

Mr. Jimmy Boissonneault, mortgage broker with the Plani-Prêt agency in Trois-Rivières, Laval and Quebec. This agreement allows members to consult Mr. Boissonneault to advantageously negotiate a mortgage loan at the best possible rate (especially in times of inflation) regardless of location in North America. For those who are transferred or in the event of mortgage renewal, Mr. Boissonneault has the expertise and experience to help you benefit from the lowest mortgage rates on the market.

Mr. Boissonneault will donate to the Trust 25% of the commissions of each contract signed with a member, family and friend. These donations would be given at the annual Golf Tournament dinner. Basically, for each contract, there are rebates to the Trust which will benefit the members (financing of Association activities such as Karting).