27 September 2022


Welcome to the Blind Auction page for the 12 RBC History Book – where you can bid for a limited numbered edition of our history book*. The numbers have been selected for that “special significance” they represent, which we hope will be the envy of many of you. Here, you will find the rules as well as the information necessary to participate. The dashboard is located below where you will find the auctioned numbers as well as the dates for each auction.

*Limited edition – only 100 books have been numbered and 11 are up for auction. The other numbered books were offered to History Book contributors with randomly drawn numbers as announced at Association meetings.

General rules (for a description of the book, see the tabs on the site 12rbc.ca).

NOTE. The purpose of these rules is to be transparent with all our members and participants. In case of a problem do not hesitate to contact the committee.

• Each numbered book will be auctioned for a fixed period of 24 hours during working days, from 10:00 the same day to 09:59 the following day. All bets that exceed the allotted time will not be accepted.

• All bets begin at 60$ except for the following numbers:

• Number 12 will begin at 100$.

• Number 100 will begin at 100 $ (Only three digit number).

• To bet, simply send an email with your bet ($) to the following address. Please include an alternate phone number or email if needed.


• The highest amount bet in a 24 hour period wins the number.

• No, you won’t see the other bets (it’s like buying a house…).

• If two bets are equal, the time of the email received first will determine the winner.

•At the end of the 24h period, the member who has bid the highest amount for the book at auction will be notified by email. All the details covering how to receive the book and cover the bid amount will be included in the email sent to winners.

• Please note that for all bets above $80, $20 will be deducted from the total amount of your bet and will cover the cost of postage at the address of your choice.

• You can bet several times on the same number (if you want to increase your bet in case of doubt…) or on different numbers.

• You cannot withdraw your bet once the auction for that day is over, so only bet what you are sure you want to win and pay. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, the number will be re-auctioned at a later date.

• Once a book is won, the name of the winner will be added to the table each day and at the end of the period of all auctions (and for the purpose of transparency) the amounts will also be displayed on Feb. 8, 22.

Good luck to everyone!


3924 Jan./10h0025 Jan./ 09h59LCol Bruno Bergeron$150.00
6025 Jan./10h0026 Jan./ 09h59Maj Jayme Leclerc$150.00
926 Jan./10h0027 Jan./ 09h59Col Philippe Sauvé$100.00
8927 Jan./10h0028 Jan./ 09h59Maj Sébastien Roy$89.89
4928 Jan./10h0029 Jan./ 09h59M. Daniel Charron (Maj ret.)$490.00
9931 Jan./10h001 Feb./ 09h59M. Jesse Auger (Sgt ret.)$111.11
291 Feb./10h002 Feb. 09h59BGen (R) Louis Meloche$200.00
192 Feb./10h003 Feb./ 09h59MGen (R) Carl Turenne$125.00
693 Feb./10h004 Feb. 09h59No winner
1004 Feb./10h005 Feb./ 09h59No winner
127 Feb./10h008 Feb./ 09h59M. Daniel Charron (Maj ret.)$1,212.12