Donations and contributions to 150th projects

The 150th Anniversary Committee aims to fund community projects through private funding and public grants through the 12e RBC Trust. With this in mind, the committee invites business leaders to financially support these commemorative projects with a heritage and historical flavour. Furthermore, in addition to the 150th anniversary activities, the Association wishes to develop, at the same time, a partnership with business people in order to allow them privileged access to its members in terms of advertising, services and product offerings. For example, entrepreneurs who wish to participate financially in the support of the 150th Anniversary projects would also be offered the opportunity to participate annually in the Association’s activities and some more formal regimental events. Be part of the larger Regimental family and contribute to these initiatives that will serve to perpetuate the military legacy of the 12e RBC. For businesses, you will receive an electronic receipt from the Association when you complete the transaction on the site.

Corporate Privileges and Outreach Table: The following table describes the different partnership/sponsorship categories for projects and the associated privileges:


The 150th Committee Chair’s 3rd newsletter provides full details of the internal fundraising campaign to solicit active and retired members of the 12e RBC and association partners to donate to support major 150th projects anniversary of the Regiment.

For those who want to make a personal donation to one of the 150th anniversary commemorative projects, the “Contribute to the 150th” button will make it easy: You can do this by credit card or PayPal by clicking on the button below. A charitable donations receipt will be issued to you for any donation of $5 or more and, if you wish, your name will be included in the targeted project according to following five levels of contributions:

  • Great benefactor: $5000 and more
  • Ambassador: $1000 and more
  • Founder: $500 to $999
  • Defender: $250 to $499
  • Donor: $100 to $249