Ball Project


The 12e RBC has a deep-rooted history in the Trois-Rivières area and the suburbs of Quebec City. This armoured regiment distinguished itself in the world conflicts of the 20th century as well as in the military operations of the early 21st century. It has a glorious past that is worth highlighting with panache and preserved for our future generations. The 12e RBC is also more than an armoured regiment. It was born in 1871 and then served under different names to become an armoured regiment in 1936. In 1968, when the Francophone brigade was created at Valcartier, the 12e RBC was reinstated in the Regular Force Battle Order while keeping the Reserve Regiment in Trois-Rivières. Since its formation, the Regiment has served the country during several conflicts and missions and has distinguished itself by earning numerous battle honours. Today, the Regiment continues to serve both domestically and in international operations, as it did during the Mauricie floods and the Latvia mission in 2019. The 12e RBC is the only French-language Regular Force armoured regiment in the country.


To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 12e RBC in 2021, a commemorative ball will be held on Saturday, March 27 at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City with the participation of 1212 guests, including a large number of members of the Regiment as well as many distinguished guests from the following spheres: political, diplomatic, civilian, military and entrepreneurial.


The Regimental Ball is a large-scale event to brilliantly recognize the Regiment’s glorious past and to promote a sense of belonging to the Regimental family. The 12e RBC is home to more than 5,000 serving and retired military personnel living across the country and even overseas. The 150th Ball is an opportunity to bring the members of the Regiment together to celebrate a memorable anniversary with guests and regimental friends. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the veterans, young and old, who have marked the Regiment’s history. The purchase of a corporate table allows you to enjoy an evening with these soldiers and veterans while contributing to the recognition of the regimental heritage for future generations.


The ball is intended to be a colourful event to commemorate the legacy of the 12e RBC and pay tribute to the Regiment’s current members and its Veterans. It is an opportunity to experience a memorable event in military decorum with regimental personnel in uniform, armoured vehicles on site, lancers at the gates, the presence of the colonial militia of Trois-Rivières, the participation of the Voltigeurs music to play the regimental marches, artifacts from the military museum displayed in the lobby and excerpts from the regimental documentary broadcast during the meal. This is all complemented by a recognized master of ceremonies and the participation of a musical ensemble for the evening dance.


The 10-seat corporate tables are a great opportunity for business people to take part in this milestone event to provide tangible support for the 150th celebrations while taking advantage of visibility opportunities. There are three corporate table levels for the ball: Strategic, Operational and Tactical. The cost and privileges associated with each level are described in the table below. The purchase of a corporate table gives access to the VIP Lounge where all special guests are invited during the welcome cocktail and after the meal. It is a privileged platform to meet with politicians, diplomats, representatives of civil and military authorities and other members of the business community. Join us in honouring our soldiers and celebrating this historic anniversary. To watch the trailer for the 150th Anniversary Ball, just visit the Krow productions website at the following link:


The following are the privileges associated with purchasing a corporate table:

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